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How To Activate Box

Once you have received the JOOZOOR TV receiver box, you may need to activate the service and/ or upgrade the firmware on teh receiver box to get the latest features and best quality television. Please follow those simple steps to activate and download your latest firmware:

To Activate your receiver box M8950, please call our customer support center at (508-634-4343) or email us at support@joozoortv.com 

To upgrade the firmware, please follow those steps:

How to download Software: To Upgrade Firmware.

 Use Your Remote Control To Perform The Following Functions:


- Press Menu and go to Software Download menu by pressing volume up button.

- Press OK on FTP Download.

- FTP Download server should read “image32.ipworldtv.com”, press the yellow button at the bottom of your remote control. If it is reading something else erase everything by pressing volume down message and type “” for dots use *. Press OK to save the address. Start the download process by pressing the yellow button at the bottom of your remote control.

- You will see a message saying “Checking new software please wait”. It is going to start the download process and will count down minutes. 




- If  for some reason the download cannot continue after the “Checking new software please wait” message and you are prompted with a “cannot connect to upgrade server” message you will need to force the receiver to fresh its IP address. To do that press OK. If there is no new upgrades newer than the one loaded on your receiver box, the system will notify you that there are no new upgrades and teh current software on your receiver is new and ready to work.

If you have to force receiver box to download software, then follow those instructions:

- On the new screen on the left side you will see two options “SERVER” and “STB”. Go down to “STB” and you should be on DHCP in the middle. If not you can move it by pressing volume up and down buttons.

- Press OK on DHCP. It will prompt you with “Connecting to Network” message.

- After connecting to network press the red button at the bottom of your remote control to start the software download process.

- After the download the receiver will turn off and turn on. You are supposed to have 12 channels in the channel list. 



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